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Sept. 30- Dec. 30, 2017

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Villa Limpia Beach Resort*** Loboc Standard Twin With Fan  Room Only  P1,183
 Superior Double Room Only    P 2,239
 Deluxe Double with Ocean View  Room Only P 2,443
Acacia Sunset Village Inn*** Loboc Standard Fan  Room Only P 1,183
 Double Room  Room Only  P 1,368
 Studio  Room Only  P 1,553
 Standard Double Room Room Only P 1,682
Kentian Star Tourist Inn*** Tagbilaran Standard  Room Only  P 1,276
 Deluxe  Room Only  P 1,425
 Dormitels Bohol*** Panglao  Double room Room Only 1,308
Buen Bella Pension House*** Bohol Twin room Breakfast P 1,308
 Double room – De Luxe  Breakfast  P 1,528
 Twin/Double room – Executive  Breakfast P 1,702
Muro Ami Beach Resort*** Panglao Twin/Double room – Economy  Room Only  P 1,364
 Economy Room  Room Only  P 1,540
 Twin/Double room  Room Only  P 1,673
 Standard Room  Room Only  P 1,962
 Twin/Double room – De Luxe  Room Only    P 2,230
 Deluxe Room  Room Only  P 2,616
 Twin/Double room – Superior  Room Only P 2,788
Seaside Beach Park Resort*** Dimiao Stadard Double  Breakfast P 1,466
 Nipa Hut  Breakfast     P 1,590
Royal Paradise Guesthouse*** Panglao Double room  Room Only P 1,528
Marquis Sunrise Sunset Residential Cottages*** Bohol Double Side Sea View (2 Adults) Room Only  P 1,533
 Standard Cottage Room Only P 3,958
 Standard Cottage, 1 Queen Bed, Ocean View  Room Only  P 4,012
 Cottage  Room Only P 5,090
 Panoramic Cottage, 1 Bedroom, Ocean View  Room Only  P 5,160
 Cottage Family  Room Only  P 6,221
 Family Cottage, 2 Bedrooms, Ocean View  Room Only P 6,306
 3-Bedroom Villa Room Only P 8,483
Vest Pension House*** Tagbilaran Deluxe  Breakfast  P 1,323
 Deluxe Twin  Breakfast  P 1,527
 Suite  Breakfast P 1,731
 Family  Breakfast P 2,851
Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn And Restaurant*** Tagbilaran Twin/Double room Room Only  P 1,363
 Twin/Double room – Superior  Room Only  P 1,673
 Twin/Double room – De Luxe Room Only  P 1,858
The Gabriella Bed And Breakfast*** Tagbilaran Twin/Double room – Economy Breakfast  P 1,590
 Twin/Double room  Breakfast  P 1,600
 Twin/Double room – De Luxe  Breakfast  P 1,735
Cherrys At Home Rooms For Rent*** Panglao Twin/Double room  Room Only P 1,425
Wregent Plaza Hotel*** Panglao Standard Twin  Room Only  P 1,425
 Deluxe Twin  Room Only  P 1,832
 Suite  Room Only P 2,239
 Executive Suite  Room Only  P 2,545
Oasi Fiore Bed And Breakfast*** Dauis Double Room – Non Smoking  Room Only  P 1,470
Arabelle Suites*** Tagbilaran  Twin/Double room  Breakfast P 1,487
 Standard Room-Free Airport Shuttle.Free Breakfast.  Room Only  P 1,528
 Twin/Double room – Superior Breakfast P 1,797
 Superior Room-Free Airport Shuttle.Free Breakfast.  Room Only P 1,847
 Deluxe Suite-Free Airport Shuttle.Free Breakfast.  Room Only  P 1,102
 Suite – De Luxe  Breakfast  P 2,107
 Family room  Breakfast  P 2,912
 Family Room-Free Airport Shuttle.Free Breakfast.  Room Only P 2,994
 Executive Suite-Free Airport Shuttle.Free Breakfast.  Room Only P 3,375
Villa Del Pueblo*** Dauis Standard Air Conditioning  Room Only  P 1,557
 Double room  Room Only  P 1,797
 Studio – Executive  Room Only  P 2,479
 Family room  Room Only  P 2,788
Bohol Plaza Resort And Restaurant*** Panglao Standard – (2 Single Beds)  Breakfast  P 1,583
 Standard – 1 Double  Breakfast P 1,583
 Deluxe  Breakfast P 2,149
 Executive Hotel Room  Breakfast P 2,262
 Executive Cottage  Breakfast  P 2,375
 Superior Hotel  Breakfast  P 2,601
 Superior Cottage  Breakfast  P 2,714
 Ambassador Room  Breakfast  P 2,828
 Ambassador Suite Breakfast  P 3,054
Sun Avenue Tourist Inn And Cafe*** Tagbilaran Twin room – De Luxe Breakfast  P 1,673
 Double room – De Luxe  Breakfast  P 1,673
 Family room – De Luxe  Breakfast P 2,416
Greenfields Tourist Inn*** Panglao Double room Breakfast P 1,797
 Twin room  Breakfast P 1,797
 Family room  Breakfast P 4,461
Bohol Sea Resort*** Panglao Standard Room  Room Only P 1,838
 Bungalow Room  Room Only  P 3,176
 Bungalow (non Refundable)  Room Only  P 4,018
 Family Room, Sea View, 2 Bedrooms (non Refundable)  Room Only P 7,390
Tiptop Hotel And Resort*** Panglao Twin/Double room – De Luxe Room Only  P 1,858
 Family room  Room Only  P 2,230
 Penthouse  Room Only    P 5,080
Lost Horizon Dive Resort Annex*** Panglao Standard Fan  Room Only  P 1,869
 Standard Air Conditioning  Room Only  P 2,032
 Standard Air Conditioning  Room Only P 2,650
717 Cesar Place Hotel*** Tagbilaran Deluxe Queen Breakfast  P 1,913
 Deluxe Queen  Breakfast  P 1,913
 Double room – De Luxe  Breakfast P 2,230
 Twin room – De Luxe  Breakfast P 2,230
 Family Room Deluxe  Breakfast  P 3,613
 Family room – De Luxe  Breakfast P 4,089
Isla Hayahay Beach Resort And Restaurant*** Bohol Deluxe Room Only  P 1,934
 Superior Deluxe  Room Only P 2,239
 Family Suite – 2-Bedroom  Room Only P 3,054
 Junior Suite  Room Only  P 3,867
Cherrys Home Too Inland Resort*** Bohol Standard Room Breakfast  P 1,951
 Twin/Double room  Breakfast  P 2,169
 Quadruple Room Breakfast  P 3,648
Panglao Tropical Villas*** Panglao Superior Twin Room  Room Only P 1,994
 Standard Double  Room Only  P 2,147
Bohol Paradise Hills And Resort*** Anda  Standard Room Only  P 2,011
 2 Double Beds Main Building  Room Only  P 3,017