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How To Pick The Right Agency For You

Planning trips with the help of a travel agency is a hassle-free process. It can be profitable and beneficial for you and travel agencies because they have access to budget discounts with airlines, hotels and other. Therefore the right travel agency can save you time and money. Also with the assistance of the travel agency, they can help you secure right connections to avoid having trouble while traveling to a foreign place.

So the next question is, how to find the right travel agency for you? Nowadays, the travel industry is rapidly growing there’s a lot of travel agencies around you, and it’s overwhelming. Hence, how can you make the right choice? Below, we have created an infographic which can guide you on picking on the right travel agency for you.

right Travel Agency


Consider choosing a travel agency that is visible online. Most of the legitimate Travel agencies nowadays have their websites and social media which have their handy information and range services they provide. So remember to always do your research before doing a transaction.


Before paying for your tour, make sure to get all the facts right about your detailed itinerary and the overall costs of every phase of your trip. The travel agency you’re trying to reach shall provide you all the information regarding with possible cancellations and other relevant facts in uncertain circumstances like (change of flights, name, hotel, etc.). If they won’t be able to give you such information, that’s when you know something is not right.

So before you give your information like; bank information, work or any personal information and pay for the tour remember to ask these questions; Will I get a written receipt or contract upon paying? What is your office address? If they kept on hesitating on answering these questions, then it’s time that you need to buy a tour elsewhere.


Legitimate travel agency operates with physical office address. They set up a website which has a contact us page where you can see their business address and contact details. You can use the internet to see if their address is real or not.

Beware that some illegitimate travel agency has no physical address. They set up a website using high-quality pictures and convincing contents so that they can attract tourists to buy their deals then once paid poof! No tour is happening, and the money is gone. So before you wire some money make sure to know their physical address and if you’re that tacky visit them personally.


We are always on  the look out for discounted deals especially with buying tour packages, but there’s this one saying that “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.” If they offer an all-inclusive with just 70% less price from the airline and hotel booking site, then it is a clear sign that something is wrong.

There’s way to know if you’re dealing with a fake travel agency is that they offer super cheap travel deals which are surreal. Like they offer a 5,000 all in tour package for a hong kong trip now your next question is how come that it includes the airfare, accommodation and a tour? So don’t ever think of your being lucky with it, remember no vendor wants to lose profit without gaining much money from the process.


You might hear this for so many times, but it’s always a vital question every time we pay something online. So ask the travel agency if they have registration certificates and tourism industry membership cards. Anything that can provide that they are a legitimate travel agency operators. Remember always to check them before you pay them.

If the travel agency can’t provide you with valid documents and most of the time they kept on telling you they are still setting it up and kept on pressuring you to pay, there’s a 100% percent chance they are fake. Remember to always research about them and look for reviews online so that you can get the assurance you need before paying.

Remember with the right choices and research you can quickly pick the right travel agency without getting worried of being scammed. You can always use our infographic as a guide every time you transact online.

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