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Why You Should Visit Dubai Right Now?

Dubai was once a desert with a small settlement that the only livelihood of the people are breeding camels, goats, and fishing at the Arabian sea. Once they discovered oil, they were able to transform the city into one of the eco-friendly and richest cities in the world.

Beyond Dubai’s tall and beautiful skyscrapers, there’s a hidden story waiting to be known. Their unique art, design, food,  and it’s diverse culture, there’s always something to watch out for this city.

Dubai is a mix of everything that is extraordinary and grand. It might be expensive for some, but love or hate it, Dubai will always going to leave you awed. So to give you an idea how great the city is, we put up these eight reasons why you should visit Dubai as soon as you finish reading this blog.  

Beautiful Skylines

Wherever you are in Dubai, either on top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa or near its coastline in Marina, you will never get tired of looking at the excellent view of its skyscrapers. The city itself is jam-packed with modern structures making it one of the best cityscapes in the world.

The Palm

Dubai’s won’t stop on showing how prosperous their economy is, and one of their display of wealth is their human-made island–The Palm. It is called Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest artificial island. It is a place of the multi-million mega mansions and luxury hotels, including the Atlantis the Palm.

Shopper’s Paradise

Most of the people know that Dubai is the home of the biggest mall in the world–the Dubai Mall with its high-end stores on every corner, it is the best place for people who are hungry for retail therapy. While many countries have Christmas and Year-End sales, Dubai has a month-long shopping festivals, concerts, and giveaways where shoppers can win luxury cars and gold bars.

Gold Haven

Contrary on Dubai’s modern mega malls, you can take on its memory lane by heading down to the Gold Souk. An Arabian jewelry market located in the oldest part of the city, the souk has been Dubai’s central market since 1940’s where most trades are held. Also, it is where you can see firsthand tons of gold and other expensive pieces of jewelry.

The Beaches

Another thing that is good about the city is its 1,000 km of coastline, and 300 days of sunshine it is a haven for beach lovers. Although they have a long coastline that doesn’t mean anyone can chill at the beach. Take note that large resorts owned major parts of the beaches that is why you can only experience it if you’re a guest. However, there are free beaches along the famous Jumeirah public beach and the Umm Suqeim beach which sits near the landmark Burj Al Arab.

Diverse Culture

Dubai is known to be a cosmopolitan city where it  is the home for 200 different nationalities  It has a larger number of expats among other cities like New York and London. Dubai’s expats are the first generation that is why different cultural traditions are visible in the city making the city a perfect place for world travelers.

Biggest Fountain

In Dubai, spectacular is the word described in everything they do, especially with their fountain show. You might think it is the same with Las Vegas’ Bellagio fountain well you are surely right due to both people created them. The fountain found in Dubai illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors. It’s almost 1,000 ft long and shoots water up into the air at 500 ft, accompanied by classical, contemporary, Arabic and world music.

I hope I was able to make up your mind on visiting Dubai as soon as possible so won’t miss out the best things the city can offer to you.

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